Site Flow offers many options for the last step in production, shipping.  This article describes each option currently available.


Integrated Shipping

Shipping automation requires a set of data to be sent to an endpoint with specific configuration to match the requirements of that endpoint.  Site Flow will send this data to request the shipment to be created, and to return the necessary documents for the shipment (i.e. shipping labels, customs invoices, etc.).  That endpoint will then respond with either a successful message and the required documents, or with an error response including details regarding the error.  

The following options are set up to communicate with integrated APIs:

Ship Engine

ShipEngine API is one of the leading multi-carrier platforms API, offering more than 150 carriers worldwide as well as advanced features like Address Validation, Shipment tracking and Rates comparison. Beta release of the integration of shipping labels printing on dispatch is open.

Contact siteflowsupport@hp.com to learn more and participate.

For this integration, one can easily set up their established carrier accounts from the Site Flow UI after the configuration has been completed with Ship Engine.  Instructions can be found in this article.

Direct Carrier Integration

A direct integration is a connection from Site Flow to the carrier API endpoint.  Site Flow already supports direct integration with the following carriers:

  • Canada Post
  • DHL Express
  • DPD & DPD Local
  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • UPS & UPS Mail Innovations
  • Australian Post

Third-party Carrier Integration

For third-party integrations, Site Flow connects to a third-party platform, which connects to the carrier, and then the carrier responds to the third-party, and finally it responds to Site Flow, returning the necessary documents.  

Site Flow currently supports several carriers through the third-party, Intersoft, listed below:

  • Caribou
  • Deutsche Post
  • DHL Germany
  • DHL Parcel UK
  • DPD Netherlands
  • EVRi
  • FedEx Cross Border
  • Parcel Force
  • Royal Mail
  • Sky Net
  • The Delivery Group
  • TNT Express
  • Whistl

Ship API Integration

Ship API Integration is a connection from Site Flow to the user's developed endpoint.  Site Flow can connect to the endpoint defined in the shipping method.  This option requires the development to be created and maintained by the PSP.  The documentation for Ship API can be found here.

NOTE: Carrier availability varies by country of origin and country of destination. Please contact siteflowsupport@hp.com to verify your carrier of choice is supported on the countries required.

NOTE: fees may apply when adding carrier integrations, check your Site Flow license agreement for more details or contact
siteflowsupport@hp.com for clarification.

Non-integrated Shipping

The final option is to use non-integrated shipping.  This option does not connect to any outside carrier.  The shipment is created and the user has the option to print a label that is configured in the label designer inside Site Flow.  Also, with this option, the tracking number can be entered to use in a postback and shipping lists can be printed.  This option is often used when the shipment is created outside of Site Flow, and the status of the shipment and details need to be sent in a postback.

Note this option is free of charge.