In this section, the list of templates can be viewed and new templates can be added. When Templates are created, they can be added to a trigger. For more information on triggers, see the Triggers section.


Template List

Click the SETUP tab (see #1) and open SETTINGS> Templates. 
A full list of your templates appears, listed in alphabetical order.

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Adding Templates

Click Add Template to create a new custom template (See #1 above).

  1. Enter or change the Template Name.
  2. Enter the Extension (optional) which is amended to the template Name.
  3. Enter or change the template MIME Content-Type. The content type can be application/json, text/xml, text/plain, or text/html.
  4. Select the format of the trigger from the Type options: HTML, XML, SVG, JSON, or ZPL.

The Template page has three boxes: 

Enter the template into the first box on the left. 

Copy the sample payload corresponding to the template type from the Handlebar document (attached below) in the Test Data box. 

The third box is where the preview will be displayed when the Template is run.

Click Save And Run to view the template in the Preview box.

Edit the HTML and CSS code of the custom Template to change its appearance viewed in the Preview box.
For example, you can change the border color of the Greensheet from blue to red, as shown below.

Add or edit handlebar fields in HTML code to add or remove fields from your Template.

In the below example, an additional row is added to show the live status of the product using the handlebar field: {{status}}.

Please assure that your HTML code is properly formatted (e.g. no unnecessary spaces, all tags must be closed properly). It is no longer supported to use scripts (<script></script>). The use of iframes and functions in styles are prohibited as well. Any usage of these prohibited elements in your HTML template will be sanitized when saving the template and will cause your template to be rendered incorrectly. Click here to learn more. 

Search for a specific Order, Shipment, Job, Batch, or Main Batch by typing your search query or job ID in the search box under Test Data.

Click Save when done to save all your changes.
Important Tip: New or amended templates will only be applied to new orders.

Note: Site Flow has a generic JDF template built-in, which will be used unless a custom template is in place.

The standard template is attached below in this article as you will need to copy the handlebars into the new template, to pull through the appropriate Site Flow fields (batch number, attributes, etc.).

To use the template, navigate to the device in Site Flow and populate the Input Template field.

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