As part of the One Flow suite, Brand Centre enables brands to create products and orders, and to share them with one or more PSPs using Site Flow in a fast and easy way.

Creating a product inevitably goes with creating an order, which will be submitted to a Linked PSP for production. 

This article explains how to create products and orders manually
For more information on automated workflows, read this article.

NOTE: Before submitting an order, PSPs must have the products created in Site Flow and share the product details with the Brand to ensure they are exactly the same when an order is submitted. 

Brands can only submit orders of product SKU’s that already exist in the PSPs Site Flow system.


Creating Products and Orders

Step 1: Creating a product 


Go to the Products tab, and a collection of the most commonly used products in Site Flow will appear in the “All Products” section. 

  1. Select the product you wish to create from the Product list (See #1).
    • Wallpaper
    • Stickers
    • Signage
    • Labels
    • Flyer
    • Business Card
    • Brochures
    • Banners
    • Book
    • Posters

  2. Customize your product's details by defining its materials, features, and dimensions (See #2).
    • NOTE: Every product type has different components and characteristics. We recommend verifying they are available in your PSP partner's SIte Flow system.

  3. Add to Order (Basket) (See #3). At this point, you have two options:
    1. Proceeding to Checkout.
    2. Creating other products and adding them to the same order, creating what is known as a Product Set.


Product Selection
Product Customization

Step 2: Checkout

Before creating your order and routing it to a Linked Account, you need to verify the items in the basket (See image below), their quantity (See #4), and upload an image file (See #5). The preferred file formats are PDF and JPEG.

Then, click on the "Proceed to Shipping" button (See #6).

Step 3: Shipping 

After entering all the product details, the shipping information must be provided for Stie Flow to transmit it to PSPs. At this stage, the products you have created become an actual Order.

StepsCheckout window elements 

To complete order submission, the following details must be provided as they will be transmitted to the PSP.

  1. Give your order a unique number for internal reference.
  2. Enter the customer's name, to whom the shipment will be sent.
  3. Select an SLA / due date for the PSP to complete the order.
  4. Enter the corresponding Delivery Address, along with the customer's contact details.
  5. Enter the alias of your preferred Shipping Method. 
    • NOTE: Shipping Methods are managed and configured by PSPs. We recommend verifying the Couriers and Shipping Methods used by your PSP partner to agree on the shipping process.
  6. Select a Destination Account ( the PSP your order will be sent to).
  7. Finally, click on the Place Order button located in the top-right corner. The following message should appear on your screen. 



Order Status verification

All placed orders are displayed in the All Orders list regardless of their status. 

Successful submission will show it with an  ACCEPTED  tag - or any other according to the production stage it is in. 

When Order submission fails, the order does not appear on the list. Instead, it can be found in ORDERS > View Submission Errors, along with the error details for correction. 

If the error does not sound familiar, copy the data provided and contact the Support team for help at siteflowsupport@hp.com.  

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