Brand Centre connects Brands with Print Service Providers to simplify and automate their workflow.
By linking accounts, orders can be automatically sent to one or more PSPs using Site Flow.

Invitation is bidirectional, meaning that you as a Brand:

  • Can invite a PSP to join Site Flow and receive and process your orders.
  • Can be invited by a PSP who uses Site Flow and wishes to collaborate in accelerating your order production.

This article explains the steps to connect accounts with PSP.



NOTE: To submit and receive orders in Site Flow, both the Brand and PSP must be in the Site Flow environment (i.e., using Site Flow, PrintOS, Site Flow Light, or the HP Brand Centre).

Linking Accounts means creating an API connection between two endpoints within the Site Flow environment for quick and seamless order transmission. This way, a connected PSP can receive, produce, and even ship the orders submitted by brands within the OneFlow environment. 

To Link Accounts with a PSP, just follow these steps: 

  • Click on the "New invitation" button, on the top-right corner (See #1).

  • Enter the email address of the PSP you wish to invite. This should always be a professional account. 
  • The invited PSP must click the "Verify invitation" button (See #2) and enter the 9-digit code included in the invitation email. Alternatively, they can click the corresponding “Accept” button to enter it.
  • Once the code is verified, the accounts will be linked and appear in their respective Linked Accounts list.


Being invited by a PSP to link your Brand Centre account is just as easy. 

  1. Copy the invitation code included in the invitation email.
  2. Since your Brand uses an HPID, click on the corresponding link to accept the invitation. 
    You can accept it from HP Piazza, HP Brand Centre, or via the Site Flow API.
  3. Enter the invitation code on the Verify Invitation box (which should be pre-populated).

Accepting invitations via API

Alternatively, you can accept invitations via the Site Flow API page

  1. Click the Set Token & Secret button (See #3) to enter the API Token for your account
  2. In the AccountLink section, expand the POST /accountLink API call to create an Account Link.

  3. Click "Try it out" (See #5).

  4. Enter your invitation code like this { "code":"583213945" } in the code input field
  5. Click the Execute button

Pending invitations


All Pending Invitations, both sent and received, will appear on the orange banner on top of the Linked Accounts list (See #3 on image above, and image below).  

When clicking on the Pending Invitations banner, invitations are displayed sorted by "Date created" and show both the Invitation Code and the email they were sent to. 
Because Brand Centre is the brands' endpoint to route the production of the items they sell, brands can only submit orders to PSPs, but not receive them.

Invitations with no response can be Resent, or cancelled by clicking on the X button on the Actions dropdown.

NOTE: Invitations expire after seven days.

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