Orders are the essence of the Site Flow environment, and Brand Centre is a solution for brands to simplify and automate their order submission to PSPs and optimize their processes. 

This article explains how to understand orders in Brand Centre.

To get a good understanding of Order Submission and Management, make sure to read the Products article


Understanding Orders

Orders list

When clicking on the Orders tab, the list of All Orders appears by default (See #1) and provides all order details sorted chronologically.
Columns indicate their status, Order ID, Submission date, Customer, the PSP it is assigned to, the Item Quantity, and any manual tags you wish to add.

Searching for Orders


Use the sidebar menu to filter orders by their status (See #2), or the Order search box on the top-right corner to quickly find specific names or order numbers (See #3)

As you enter text in the Search Box, Brand Centre loads the orders including such text.

You can refine your search by clicking on any of the filters in the "Refine" box that will appear on the right upon search, as shown in the image above (See #4).

Order status

The first column shows a color-coded tag that indicates the order’s current status: 

Order successfully sent
Order has an error and has not been submitted or accepted.
Order has been completed and shipped to recipient.
Order is at the Dispatch stage and ready to be shipped.
Order has been cancelled ( can one see if cancelled by brand or rejected by PSP?)

Order has been correctly received and is ready for production. 

Order Management


View Order Routing

Brand Centre allows to create Rule sets to automate order submission to a specific PSP according to specific conditions.

To route orders, both the Brand and the PSP must operate within the Site Flow environment and have Linked Accounts.

Learn to Link Accounts in this article.

Find a step-by-step guide about Creating Rulesets here.



View Submission Errors


This page displays the orders that have not reached the intended Destination Account (PSP), with a timestamp and error message to easily address any errors, and a Destination account filter (See #5).

Click on an order to find its specific Order Submission Error page with all the details, including the error’s name, explanation message, and submitted data.

Expand the "Show Details" section to see the error details as returned by the system. 

If the error does not sound familiar, copy the data provided and contact the Support team for help at siteflowsupport@hp.com

Expand the "Postbacks" section to verify the submitted data. 

At this point, you can copy the order content, download it, or retry the order submission (See #6).

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