In this section, the list of templates can be viewed, and new templates can be added. When Templates are created, they can be added to a trigger. 


Create Template

Select SETUP > Create Template to add a new custom template to your account.

Enter the Template Name, the Extension which is amended to the template Name, and the template MIME Content Type. The content type can be application/json, text/xml, text/plain, or text/html.

Turn on/off the Active switch to activate/de-activate your template. 

Select the format of the trigger from the Type options: HTML, XML, SVG, JSON, or ZPL. 

Enter the template into the first box on the left.

Copy the sample payload corresponding to the template type from the Handlebar document (attached below) in the Test Data box.

You can view the generated template in the Preview box.

Click Save when done to save all your changes.
Important Tip: New or amended templates will only be applied to new orders.

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View Template

Click SETUP > View Templates to see a list of your templates, listed in alphabetical order.
Also, Select Active or Inactive on the top right to filter through the available triggers based on their status.


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Edit Template

Select any Template you wish to view or edit from your list.

Follow the same process as outlined above when adding a new template. 

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