The second step after setting the links with other accounts for outsourcing is to pair product SKUs. This functionality will allow you to match (pair) the products you wish to outsource. The product SKU pairing is unidirectional. Note that the paired products permission is just a link, no outsourcing will happen just by pairing products. You will need to create rules to activate outsourcing, which is our last step.


No Paired Products

When you first access SETUP > Paired Products you will not find any paired product SKUs yet.
Once you receive a paired product request, you will see it on the screen.

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Paired Product SKUs

You will see an Active or Pending Status of the product pairing.

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Delete / 

Pairing can always be disabled from both the source and destination PSP. 
It can also always be deleted only by the source PSP and at any stage. 

To delete a Pending paired product, click the ellipses (...) under Actions and select Delete.

To disable or delete an Active paired product, click the ellipses (...) under Actions and select Disable or Delete respectively.

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Select the Filter icon to sort the Paired Products SKUs view based on their Status: All, Active, Disabled, or Pending. Click Reset Filters to remove all filters.

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