Linking accounts is intended to make order submission easier across accounts. Accounts using the Outsourcing functionality in Site Flow can be linked as the first step

In this article, you will learn how to send a linking invitation from one account to another.

Important Notes: 

  • All orders can only be processed if they come from an account that has been linked.
  • Unlinking an account while blocking order submission will not impact orders in progress in Site Flow. Instead, orders can be submitted to another Site Flow Linked account.


Send Invite

In the NETWORK menu (see #1), navigate to the Linked Accounts tab (see #2), and Click the New Invite button on the top-right corner  (see #3).

The New Invitation window appears where you can invite an account owner to link with your account. 
Once the invitation is accepted, orders can be submitted between accounts.

Type the Recipient email and select the Account Type from the drop-down: PSP or Brand. 
To outsource with another PSP, select PSP as the account type. 

Finish by clicking Send.

NOTE: Outsourcing only works between PSPs, but not with Brands.

Check the Order Submission box to allow you and the account you are linked with to send and receive orders to each other via our API. 

Check the Outsourcing box to allow you and the account you are linked with to outsource paired product SKUs.

NOTE: For Outsourcing, you must enable both Job Submission and Outsourcing.

An invitation email is sent to the other PSP including their invitation code.

NOTE: If you already have an “order submission” link with the account you wish to link for outsourcing, then you simply go to the Linked Accounts tab and select Edit Permissions on the ellipses (…).

Choose to enable the Outsourcing checkbox. Click Save when done. 

Pending Invitations

Pending invitations are notified on an orange banner on top of the Linked Accounts list.

Click on it to view all your pending invitations.

The Pending Invitations page opens. All invitations sent are displayed on this page in order of the Date created and contain both the Invitation Code and the Email to which they were sent. If the recipient did not receive the email, you may Click Resend (see #1). Click X to delete the invitation (see #2)

NOTE: Invitations expire after seven days.

The PSP who receives the request finds a New Request notification. 

Click on it to see the list of all currently pending requests. 

Here, the requests can be accepted or denied by clicking on the tick or cross icons shown below.

Click Accept Invite to accept the invitation request and enter the verification code sent with the invite.

Click Save to activate the account link with the Brand or PSP.

Once the code has been inserted and saved, the link is active and both PSPs will see each other on their Linked accounts list.

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Verify Account via UI

When you are invited to link accounts, you receive an email containing the verification code and several verification options.

The email gives you the easy option of confirming the invitation by clicking on one of the blue links. Click the link that matches your account: Site Flow, PrintOS, Site Flow Light, HP Piazza, or HP Brand Centre.

The Verify Invitation window opens with the invitation code pre-populated. 
Click Verify to accept the invitation.

Once you see the green 'successful verification' message, click Save.

Alternatively, you may verify your invitation manually through the UI. 
Scroll to the bottom of the email and copy the invitation code to the clipboard.

Next, go to the NETWORK tab and navigate again to Linked Accounts on the left-side menu.
Click Verify Invitation on the top-right side of the page.

The Verify Invitation window opens. Paste the invitation code from the email and click Verify.

Once you see the successful verification message, click Save.

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Verify Account via API

Open the invitation email and scroll to the bottom to the API instructions. 
Click the here link.

The Site Flow API website opens. Click Set the Token & Secret.

Paste the API credentials into the following fields and choose Save changes.

Once the credentials are saved, click AccountLink to expand the options.

Select the POST option next to /accountlink and click Try it out.

Paste the invitation code into the code pen inside the double quotes (see #1) and click Execute (see #2).

If the call is successful, you will see Code 200 with a description of the successful operation
The linked account will now display in your UI.

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Blocked Orders

Order submission/outsourcing is limited to linked accounts. Orders that do not fulfill this condition will be blocked.

Blocked orders will show the following error on the View Submission Errors page under ORDER MANAGEMENT, which is visible for PSPs and Brands.

NOTE: However that order is submitted, the older endpoint https://pro-api.oneflowcloud.com/api/order will send the error only to the brand (not the PSP) in the form of the following API response:

  • Code: 400
  • Message: "Link between accounts doesn't exist"

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