Date of the incident: July 4th, 2022 15:00 CET 

Duration: 51 calendar hours

Affected services: DFE versions 7.2 and below not being able to access assets from the cloud, thus not being able to print

Issue timeline:

  • July 4th 15:00 - the issue is reported by the first customer, troubleshooting starts by reviewing Agent connectivity. There are no new reports until 20h later
  • July 5th evening - once the Certificate issue is resolved, new reports of customers not being able to access from the cloud arrived. Troubleshooting is focused on Agent connectivity
  • July 6th morning - Troubleshooting is extended to DFE connectivity. There is a TLS change identified in the Site Flow cloud. This was intended to increase Cybersecurity protection.
  • July 6th mid-day - The TLS changes is rolled back.


Root cause:

Due to a Cyber Security policy update, TLS1.1 protocol was deprecated on Jul 4th. That caused DFE versions not supporting TLS1.2 to be unable to access the assets from the cloud. Thus preventing the DFE to process those files and print them.



As a short-term measure, TLS1.1 has been enabled again.

The midterm plan with alternatives to manage the TLS1.1 deprecation will be communicated once available.