Preflight is the process of confirming that the digital files required for printing are all present, valid, and correctly formatted. Preflight profiles can also apply a set of custom fixups to files. This article outlines how you can select existing, create new, or import custom preflight profiles.  


Preflight Profiles

Navigate to the Products tab (see #1) and select a Product to view its details page. Click on the Pre-press section under Components (see #2).

Here, you can either select an existing preflight profile or create a custom one.

Select Existing Preflight Profile

Click the Select option drop-down and choose from a list of preflight presets. A number of these, including pdfx1a and pdfx4 (strongly recommended), and are loaded as presets in the system.

When a profile is selected, you may remove it by clicking the x to the right.

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Create Custom Preflight Profile

You may also create a custom profile by clicking the + to the right of the drop-down.

The Preflight Profile menu appears. Select either a PDF or Image format.

The Preflight Profile details page opens. 

Fill out the Name and Description fields (Name is required). 

The PDF and Image pages have the same structure, but images have only three parameters under A valid file should have...: Height, Width, and Colour mode

The PDF template, shown to the right, contains many more available parameters such as Number of pages, Bleed, Fonts are embedded, ... etc.

Click to add a desired parameter in the column (see #1). Customize the options to the right of it (the options vary by parameter) (see #2). To delete a parameter, click the blue x button on the right (see #3).

You can select to add multiple properties to your Preflight Profile by adding multiple parameters.

Make sure to select a Colour mode for your profile as it is required.

Click Save when you finish adding the necessary parameters.

To edit your Preflight Profile click the highlighted button to the right of the Preflight drop-down.

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Import Preflight Profile

Alternatively, you can create Preflight profiles using industry-standard tools like Acrobat Pro or Callas pdfToolbox Desktop. Once you have created a prefight profile and want to export it (the .kfp file is what you'll need), then please reference the below links:

  1. Export a Preflight Profile in Adobe Acrobat Pro pdfToolbox Desktop (to produce a .kfp file) - https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/preflight-profiles-acrobat-pro.html

  2. Export a Preflight Profile in Callas pdfToolbox Desktop (to produce a .kfpx file) - https://www.callassoftware.com/en/support/knowledge-base/how-to/how-to-export-or-import-multiple-profiles-at-once   


Once complete, the file can then be imported into SiteFlow.

To import a custom-built pdfToolbox Preflight profile into SiteFlow, navigate to the Pre-press section under Components on the Product Details page.

Select the '+' icon to create a new Preflight profile.

Then, click on Upload preflight profile.

Upload the .kpf or .kpfx file when configuring the preflight profile for a product component.
Please note that uploaded preflight profiles cannot be deleted. Also, once they are uploaded, they are available for use on any product or any component.

You can change or maintain the Profile Name and Description. Click Save when done.

Please note that you can purchase Callas pdfToolbox Desktop from https://www.callassoftware.com/en/resellers-and-integrators-for-callas-software-products. Alternatively, use Acrobat DC for the same purpose:  https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat.html?promoid=KSBOO

Resolving Common Issues

In case of issues with custom imported preflight profiles it is recommended to run your file through the preflight profile locally using the following steps:

  • Save the profile related to the issue.

  • Save the PDF related to the issue.

  • Open the PDF in pdfToolbox Desktop or Adobe Acrobat Pro and run the file through the preflight profile.

If you can reproduce the behavior that you are seeing in SiteFlow locally, you will need to work on either the pdf, the preflight profile, or both. Please reach out to Callas directly for assistance on your preflight profile.

If you are unable to reproduce the behavior locally, please send your file, your preflight profile, the seen result from SiteFlow and running locally, and the desired result in a support ticket to SiteFlow Support.

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Supported Preflight Profiles

  • SiteFlow preflight engine runs on Callas version 12.

  • SiteFlow supports importing preflights generated via pdfToolbox and Adobe

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