In this article, you can select an assembly wall which is a physical location where components for an item are matched together for a subsequent assembly process, for example, the cover and pages of a photobook being brought together for case binding.

An alternative to a formal assembly process is to edit the batch rule so that the batch is sequenced by the source order ID. In this case both the covers and pages should be in sequence, so long as the operator maintains the integrity of the stacks, e.g. if there are 100 items in the batch and the wall only has 50 bins, then the first 50 pages in each stack should be in the same sequence as the first 50 covers. This will only apply to new batches, submitted into the system after this change has been made.


Assemble a Product

Click the PRODUCTION tab (see #1) and open CURRENT WORK > Assemble Product (see #2)

Select a Wall

Select a wall to scan components into.

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Configure Wall

The assembly wall needs to be configured before scanning any items. To do this, click the settings icon in the top right corner.

Automatic box selection When a component is scanned, the system will tell the operator which box to put the component in. Turning this off means that the wall will have barcodes on each box and the operator will scan a box to tell the system which box number the component has been placed in.
Group Multiple Copies

When this is enabled, you will see the box duplicated for the number of copies expected. Disabling this will show one box for all the copies and display a counter of how many of each component have been scanned.

Progressive Box Scrolling Only enough boxes that fill the screen are shown. For example, if the wall has 1000 boxes, only a portion of them, the first 30 for instance, is shown unless you scroll the page down, then another 30 will show.

Test Mode: This allows you to simulate scanning the barcode when automatic box selection is not in use.

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Scan Item

Scan an Item's barcode to scan components for an item that are matched together for a subsequent assembly process in a box. 

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Select Box

Active Boxes are shown; complete boxes are highlighted in green whereas incomplete ones are highlighted in orange. 

Select a box to view its contents including ComponentBarcodeand Quantity. 

Select View all to show all boxes or View incomplete boxes to only show boxes showing the remaining items that have not yet been assembled and need to be scanned in. Complete boxes show items that have already been assembled.

If you suspect that there has been human error in the placement of components into boxes, click the ellipses (...) next to Active Boxes and click Flush Wall to remove its contents so they would be re-scanned.

Alternatively, click the ellipses (...) on an individual box and select Flush Box to remove items from it once all components are scanned in. On the other hand, select Reset Assembly to remove items from the box when they are partially reconciled.

In the below example, the Flush Box button is greyed-out and cannot be selected because not all the components of it are scanned in; there is 0/1 of the text component of the photobook.