The production summary shows how many batch Jobs are at each production event and when it is due out on any given day. In this article, you can click on a Batch Job to view where it currently is in the production process. Also, you can create custom filters to narrow down your results, print the Batch sheet, send the Batch to a device, or select to complete a Batch.


Production Summary

Click the PRODUCTION tab (see #1) and open CURRENT WORK > Summary (see #2)

The below table shows a summary of all Production jobs that are coming into assembly from another step.
The number of Incoming, Waiting (in green), Due Soon (in yellow), Overdue (in red), Over Capacity (grey), and Total production jobs at each Event (Cut, Laminate, Print, ... etc.). Please note that these numbers reflect the jobs' statuses within this production step and not out of the shop for shipping. Also, Over Capacity jobs are those whose deadlines were missed and cannot be met.

Notice that the Total number of Jobs in the Production Summary table matches those found next to each event name under Current Work on the left-side menu. In the below example, there are a total of 10 Cut, 10 Laminate, and 9 Print Jobs. Note that the Current Work events are listed in alphabetical order.

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Batch Job Details

Click on any Event Name either in the Production Summary table or the left-side menu to view a detailed list of batch jobs available at this particular event.

Scan Barcode

Enter a barcode in the Scan barcode search box to scan the barcode of the batch sheet/greensheet so as to move that batch out of their production step. Note that the event name at which the Batch Jobs currently are is shown to the right of the Scan Barcode search box.

A pop-up will then show indicating where to take the batch in the production process.

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Top Summary, Search & View Options

A summary of Completed, Current, and Incoming Batch Jobs (see #3), a calculation of the amount of time it will take to clear the entire production event (Today), and how much has been completed (Completed) (see #4), and a search box to look for specific Batches (see #5) are shown on top.  Also, you can switch between viewing the Jobs in a list form (list icon) or by date (calendar icon) (see #6).

After selecting the calendar icon to view the Jobs by date, you can select the exact Day and Hour.

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Add Filter

On the left side, select Add Filter to add custom filters to view matching Jobs on the right side of the page.

Select a property to filter by such as Device, Quantity, or Substrate.Type to search for the value of the selected Property.
Add one or multiple values. Click Done when complete or Delete to remove the Filter.

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Save As Preset

Click Save As Preset to save your created Filter.
Enter a Preset Name and click Save.

Once the Preset is added, you can select Delete Preset or Update Preset.

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Clear Filters

Click Clear Filters to reset them if no tasks are found.

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Top Filters

Additional filters are located on top of the Batch Jobs to filter them based on Task/Batch Due Date, in Ascending/Descending order, or if the Next Step popup is Disabled (does not automatically close) or closes after 1, 3, 5, or 10 seconds after a Batch is scanned.

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Job Batch Details

Each Batch Job/Task shows a thumbnail (see #7), the Batch number, product name, multi or single batch label, sent status, quantity (Qty), and any additional comments (see #8), the date When the Batch is Out On (see #9), and when it is Due (see #10).

A blue M or S icon appears to state if it is a multi or a single batch respectively.

An unsent Batch is indicated by a grey label containing the default folder to which it should be sent. Similarly, a sent Batch is indicated by a green label showing a note below of the sender name, date, and time of sending.

An orange Reprint label appears to indicate if it is a Reprint Batch.

Click on a Batch to expand its details and show its progress and current production step, whether it is imposed, and its properties.

Select one, multiple Batches and choose one of three actions (found in the bottom popup) to perform on the selected Batch:

  1. Print Batch Sheet
  2. Send to Device
  3. Complete

You can select or Deselect All items. 

  1. Print Batch Sheet

    Click Print Batch Sheet in the popup to select a batch sheet/greensheet to print.
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  2. Send to Device

    Click Send to Device in the popup to send the batch to a specific device.

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  3. Complete

    Click Complete in the popup to scan the Batch Job to the next production step. Selecting this button performs the same actions as scanning a barcode in the Scan Barcode search box at the top left of the page.


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