Scan a barcode of any item of your preference whether lost, damaged, or to view its details, shipping information, and/or components. In addition, you can choose to print a barcode, reprint an item or a component within the order.


Barcode Scanner Uses

  • If an item is found on the factory floor that cannot be identified, scan the barcode here and it will provide the details of the item/component. From here it is possible to link back to the order and find out where the batch associated with the item is currently located.
  • For a damaged item, scan the barcode and reprint, and order.
  • When using smart cards to log in, you can enter the smart card number (assigned to the user in Site Flow) and print a barcode which can then be scanned to login.

Scan a Barcode

Click the PRODUCTION tab (see #1) and open TOOLS > Barcode Scanner (see #2)

Click anywhere on the page to start scanning a barcode.

Enter the Barcode for the Item you wish to search for into the text box and click Enter.

Item Details

The Item's Barcode is shown next to the Item's status (see #3).

The Item's artwork thumbnail shows to the left of the Item Details: SKU, Source Item ID, Source Order ID, Pages count, Quantity, and Order Status (see #4).

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View More

A View More section with easy access links to other pages associated with the item, View Order, View Shipment, View Product, and View SKU.

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Click Print Barcode and select the Barcode Format and Printer in the Print Barcode popup window to print the selected barcode on a sticker.

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Reprint Item

Click Reprint Item and select whether it is Chargeable and the Reprint Quantity, and then click Reprint.

Note that Reprints can be triggered from within an order or via the barcode scanner page.

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Shipping Details & Item Components

The order Shipping Details (see #5) and Item Components details (see #6) are listed at the bottom of the page.

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Click the Batch number under the Related Batches section to view the Batch details and properties.

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Component Details

Click on the Component's barcode found on the bottom right part of the page.


In the Component Details page, the same details are displayed as the Item details page mentioned above.

If you wish to reprint this Component, select Reprint Component.

Select whether it is Chargeable and the Reprint Quantity, and then click Reprint.

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