In this article you will learn to understand your Site Flow schedule, including visually understanding subbatches, disabling devices, and running a replan.


View your schedule

Click the PRODUCTION tab (see #1) and open BATCHES > Schedule (see #2). Your schedule appears on the right.

Replan and viewing options

Running a Replan allows Site Flow to update the entirety of your schedule if you have made any specific changes to a subbatch duration or device. The Replan options appear on the top-left side of the schedule.

Click the Replan at + button to view the available times. 

The added times appear to the right of the Replan button. You may add multiple times, or delete existing times by clicking x next to an added time.

Click the < and > arrows to change your schedule dates. You may also change the scope of your schedule to view it by Week (default), Day, or Hour.


You schedule is represented by a series of black horizontal rows (see #1), broken down by their assigned devices (see #2).

Hover over the black rows to see different blocks highlighted. These blocks are subbatches, and their width represents their duration. When two or more subbatches belong to a single batch (and therefore have the same Main Batch Number), they are connected by a thin black line.

Click on subbatch to see its details, including the associated device (resource), Main Batch Number, starting time/date, and Duration. You may manually change the duration by clicking Change at the bottom of the popup menu.

Note: Rescheduling can be done through the Site Flow GUI, and also through the API. For more information on updating your schedule and running a replan, see the following article.

You may disable a device running in your schedule by hovering over it and clicking it.

You are prompted to disable the device. Click Yes.

The device is now marked UNAVAILABLE. At this point you may run a replan to see your scheduled tasks update using only the available devices.

You may click the disabled device again to reenable it.

To return to the most current scheduled jobs, click the blue Jump To Now button in the bottom-right corner of the page.

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