When you place an order, the SKU items are placed into a Bucket which is set based on a number of Batching rules. View and manage Bucket information. Also, you can batch single Buckets or select specific items within a Bucket to batch.


What are Buckets?

Buckets are created when items are submitted into the system when placing an order.

SiteFlow created batch/sub-batches when the close threshold was reached across all items within the batch rule. For example, you have a postcard batch rule with a close threshold of 50, which may result in a batch of 40 gloss finish postcards and 10 matte finish postcards.

The bucket system creates batches when the threshold of a particular product or attribute combination is reached. For example, you have a postcard batch rule with a close threshold of 50, which will result in a batch of 50 gloss finish and a batch of 50 matte finish postcards.

Every batch rule must have a minimum of 1 close time per week and if you wish to manually close a bucket, this should be done so from the bucket menu. If you elect to close the batch from the batch rules screen, this will close all buckets created under that batch rule.

Bucket List

Click the PRODUCTION tab (see #1) and open BATCHES > Buckets (see #2). 

Each Bucket list its Rule, Product, Batch By attributes, Item Count, Quantity, Threshold, whether Exact or not, Progress, and when is its Next Close date.

Bucket List View Options

Bucket list filters are available on the top-right of the screen.

Select to Show attributes or Hide attributes of Bucket lists on each column.

The below image shows the Buckets listed with hidden attributes.

Filter Buckets by their next closing date/period: All, Closing in the next 7 days, or Closing before midnight.

Alternatively, filter Buckets by Batch Rule.

Click the Reset filters arrow to reset the Closing dates and Batch Rule filters.

Click the Refresh icon to reload the page to show any changes to the Bucket List

Select to view 10, 25, or 50 Buckets per page using the pagination shown below.

Hover on a due date under Next Close to show the exact closing date and time of the Bucket.

Click the Batch Now button to batch and close a bucket.
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Edit Bucket

Open PRODUCTION > BATCHES > Buckets, and select the Bucket you wish to edit from your list. 

The Buckets' details page view appears. 

Bucket Description

The Bucket Batch details, Batch By attributes, and Progress are listed, as shown below.

The Batch Rule, whether Exact, Next Close due date, Item Count, items Quantity, and Threshold are listed under Batch Details (see #3).
Batch By attributes are listed (see #4)
The Bucket Progress is listed showing the total item Quantity it contains (see #5).

Click Cancel to discard your changes or Save to store them.

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Filters & Items

Use one or multiple filters to refine Items within a Bucket.

Select the item Quantity, Days to Start, and Days to End (see #6).
Select a Source account and SKU (see #7). 
Select a Source Order number and, or Source Item number (see #8). Note that both numbers must be exact.

Based on the filters you have selected under Filters, the refined results appear under Items. If no filters are selected, all items awaiting closure in the Bucket are shown.

Select Items and click Batch Selected Items to batch and close them. Once they are closed, they are assigned to a batch and are listed on the Batch List page.
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