This section outlines the creation of batch rules for your Site Flow production. These rules determine batch close times, sorting, and threshold options.


Batching Rules

Click the PRODUCTION tab (see #1) and open BATCHES > Batching Rules (see #2). A full list of your Batching Rules appears in alphabetical order.

Batching Rules view options

The Batching Rules view options are available in the top-right portion of the screen. Here you can filter through your batching rules list, as well as add a new rule.

Click on the dropdown to show view options. Select Active or Inactive to filter through the available batch rules.

Click Refresh to refresh your list of batch rules.

Choose the columns you wish to display for your rules. All columns are selected by default.

You may navigate your list of batch rules using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page.

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Add Batch Rule

Click the blue Add Batch Rule button in the top-right corner of the page.

The Batch Rule menu appears.


When the Batch Rule menu opens, General is the default tab that opens. 

The new rule is set to Active by default. Click to set the rule to Inactive.

Name your new batch rule.

Set the rule to either Standard or Reprint. Only one Reprint rule is permitted per account.

Check this box to batch single-item orders together with other single-item orders. Single-item batches do not need to be reconciled at Reconcile & Dispatch.

Select a product from the drop-down. You may add as many products to the rule as you need. 

Added products appear in the Products field. Delete the selected products by clicking the x next to them.

Select or deselect the days on which you would like the batches to close. Monday through Friday are selected by default.

Every batch rule needs at least one Batch Close Time. Choose the time using the 'up' and 'down' arrows to select the hours and minutes, and click the arrow icon on the right to add the close time.

The added close times are seen to the right of the time selection box. Click the x icon to remove an added time.

Click Save when finished.

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The options found in the Sorting tab are explained in full detail here.


Click the Thresholds tab to open up the Thresholds menu.

Set the the Min close threshold and Max close threshold for your batch rule. Check the Attempt exact quantity option if you want Site Flow to close a batch when it reaches an exact quantity. Checking this option disables the Max close threshold field.

Aggregate Thresholds is an option that allows for more granular filtering for your batches. With these options you can set min/max close thresholds based on product specifics, such as page count and trim height. Click the Threshold dropdown and select either Total Page Count or Attribute.

When you select the Attribute option, an additional drop-down menu appears to the right of the Threshold field. Click and select an attribute (configured in PRODUCTS > CONFIGURATION > Attributes). 

When you select an Attribute from the right drop-down (or when you simply select Total Page Count), it appears below as a row. In this row you may customize the Min Threshold and Max Threshold for your selection. You may also delete the row by clicking the x on the rightmost side of that row.

When you select Attributes, you may add additional attribute rows by selecting them from the same drop-down menu above. To change the order of your sorting options, simply click and drag the icon in the leftmost column up or down.

Click Save when finished.

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