View production Batches as a list. Multiple filtering options are available to best show the Batches of your choice. Select to filter Batches by a selected date range, or view yesterday's, the past week's, month's, or year's Batches. Live Batches are shown by default, but you can also filter Batches by their status, reprint, imposition Status, or event type. In addition, you can search by a Batch number if available. Visit the Batch Details article to view Batch details.


Batch List

Click the PRODUCTION tab (see #1) and open BATCHES> View Batches (see #2). 

Batches are shown in the list shown below showing each's Status, thumbnail, Product title, Batch number, Component Code, Current Event, Quantity of components in the Batch, Jobs, Due Date, and when the Batch was Last Updated

Batch View Options

Batch view options are available on the top-right of the screen.

Click the first dropdown to filter by the Batch Date. Click on specific days to select a Custom period in which to show Batches. You can also select to show Batches within these periods: Past Day, Past Week, Past Month, or Past Year.

Select other Batch filters such as Batch Status, Reprint, Imposition Status, or Event Type.
All Live Batches are listed by default.

Enter a search query in the search box to Search by Batch Number.

Click the Refresh icon to reload the page to show any changes to the Batch List

Click the Toggle columns icon to choose to show or hide the Batch Status, Thumbnail, Product, Batch number, Component Code, Current Event, Quantity, Jobs, Reprint, Imposition Status, Due Date, or Last Updated columns of the Batch list table.

Select to view 10, 25, or 50 Batches per page using the pagination shown below.

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Batch Details

Select and click on a row to open a specific Batch's details.

The Batch details page is displayed. Visit this section to view its detailed guide.

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