Site Flow has introduced a new enhancement that allows you you to add multiple sorting conditions for your production batch (imposition). This feature has been added to give you greater control of your production process and to enhance production efficiency.

Add multi-level sort options for your batches

In the PRODUCTION tab navigate to BATCHES > Batching Rules (see #1) and select an existing rule from the list to edit it OR click Add Batch Rule to create a new rule (see #2).

The Batch Rule window appears with the General tab open. Navigate to the Sorting tab.

Note: if you are creating a new batch rule, you must first select at least one associated product in the Products drop-down field (found in the bottom-left portion of the menu).

The Sorting tab opens.

The Sorting tab has two sorting categories. The first section addresses bucket creation, and only allows the selection of one sorting option. The enhancement described in this article does not affect bucket sorting, so you may proceed to the second section: Set the order in which the production batch will be sorted.

There are five options to choose from in the drop-down:

  1. No Sort Field: N/A; to be removed soon
  2. Attribute: Sort production batch by an attribute associated with a product component
  3. Item Barcode
  4. Page Count
  5. Source Item ID

Select the desired option:

The sorting option row with the chosen Sort Type appears below.

Each row contains four options:

  1. Sort Type: The option selected from the drop-down above.
  2. Sort Order: Select Ascending or Descending via alphabetical order.
  3. Attribute: Select an existing component attribute from this drop-down.
  4. x: Delete the entire row.

Note that the Attribute field only appears alongside the Attribute Sort Type. In other cases the space remains blank.

The following example showcases the five different sorting options listed from 1 to 5. Note that the Ascending/Descending option appears only for Attribute and Page Count

To change the order of your sorting options, simply click and drag the icon in the leftmost column up or down.

When finished, click Save.

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