This article highlights specific enhancements in the Product and SKU configuration. 

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Product Configuration Enhancements
Enhanced Attribute Values

When adding an Attribute in the Product Component configuration (Product Details > Components > Attributes), it is required to select the Attribute Values depending on the Attribute type, as shown in the below window.

Before, we only had a Select All button. Only allowing to select all is problematic if you have many values and you wanted to deselect them again, in which case you needed to select them one by one. We added a Deselect All button allowing you to select and deselect all values as required.


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Enhanced Lookup Attribute Values

When using a Lookup Attribute, for example, to look up a value from the Imposition, template, or Paper List, the list with values can become so large that it is difficult to find a value and a challenge managing the one you have selected.

To make this more convenient, we added a search bar and a filter to search for values with a specific word, allowing you to filter the Selected and Unselected values.

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Condition As the Last Step In A Workplan

Before this enhancement, it was impossible to save a Workplan in the Product Component configuration if the last step in the Workplan is a logic. 

The Workplan needed to end with a single Event.

This requirement is inconvenient when there is no physical production event after the event is included in the logic. It means you need to do an extra scan during production to complete the sub-batches in this Event.

With this enhancement, we now allow you to end the Workplan with a logic tree. You will not see a difference in the Workplan Editor, but you can now close the Workplan like that. The Workplan preview now shows as expected.

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Mandatory Fields

An alert icon is added to indicate which section contains mandatory fields. This icon disappears once the required fields are filled. Each mandatory field is indicated with an asterisk (*) at its end.
Don’t forget to save the Product configuration to save your Workplan changes.

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SKU Configuration Enhancements

The following fields are changed in the SKU configuration:

Product (by Product Description)
Note: To use an SKU, you need to link it to a previously created product. It is also possible to create an SKU from inside the product configuration. You can link multiple SKUs to a product, but you can only assign an SKU to one product. To link an SKU to a product you need to select the correct product from the Product (by Product Description) field.

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More Changes  
The following fields are now added to the Add/Edit SKU pages:

  • SLA Min Days (see #1) is shown before the SLA Days.
  • Product URL: Some countries require that a carrier provides the (webshop) URL highlighting where the product was sold (see #2).
  • Country of origin (COO)Represents the country of manufacture, production, design, or brand origin where an article or product comes from (see #3).
  • HS Code: Harmonized System code to determine the customs tariff rate of the traded product (see #4).


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