In this article, you can see the new UI features of the Products Section, as well as some global changes. 


Old UI

New UI

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Products Subsections

  • Products
  • SKUs
  • Stock Products
  • Attributes
  • Imposition
  • Substrates
  • Events


All lists are now sorted alphabetically (ascending).

Top Navigation bar

The Products section also contains a global top navigation bar.

Besides the sections' navigation menus, it contains the following useful functions:

  • User Feedback
  • Global Search
  • Scan Mode Toggle (scans Product's barcode).
  • Account Selection
  • User Account Settings

We encourage you to use the User Feedback option. The icon may change, so we will inform you when it does.

The top navigation bar conveniently lets you access the search and barcode scan menu from everywhere in the new UI.

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Global changes

The following tools are found in all sections to facilitate your searches and filters throughout Site Flow.

These global changes include Active/Inactive, Refresh, Toggle Columns, Add New, Edit, Duplicate, and Page Navigation functionalities.

Active/ Inactive

Use the drop-down menu to toggle between viewing active and inactive products.


Click the Refresh button to update a list and show any changes to it.

Toggle columns

By default, a list includes all the available columns. 
Click the Toggle Columns button and select specific columns to show or hide.

Add New

Click the Add New button to open the Product Details pages and create a new product.


Click on a row in a list to edit a product configuration. This will open the Product Details page for the product you want to edit.


Click on the Duplicate button to create an exact duplicate of a product.

Provide a unique name for the product that you duplicating since duplicate product codes are not allowed.

Scroll from top to bottom to navigate through any list. Also, use page numbers, Previous and Next buttons, First Page and Last Page arrow buttons, and click to view 10, 20, or 50 results per page.

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