Create and manage custom Roll Imposition templates. This type of Imposition only allows combining multiple input files into batch-imposed files. Customize Frame, Layout, Content, Output, and Marks of your Imposition.


Roll Imposition

Select to combine multiple input files into Batch imposed files within Roll Imposition

Two side tabs appear Details and Designer.


Enter the Imposition Name and a more detailed Description of the Imposition.

The Imposition Scope is set to Batch and Type is set to Roll.
If the scope is currently "Not set" this will need to be updated in time in order to access full imposition functionality.


Create a custom Roll Imposition template. Start by entering the Frame size information.


Select the Units of measure of the entire Frame measurements/fields.

Define the Exact or Maximum Frame Width and Height that the press allows.

Define the frame's pagination: one-sided Simplex or two-sided Duplex.

Select whether the Left or Top edges are to be tumbled.

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Enter the Width and Height of your Slot Size.

Select the Horizontal and Vertical Gaps between the slots in the Frame.

Select the Alignment of the slots within the Frame. Also, enter the content Offset from the left.

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Define where your Infotech (see #1) should be: Before, After a Frame, Both, or None.
Make sure this is also configured in the product.

Select your Planning Strategy (see #2) to be either Distributed across the Frame to best use the substrate or Linear so that all the jobs are kept in line as best as possible.

Select to show jobs grouped by Item, Line Item, or Segment (see #3). If you choose to group by Segment, specify the number of Items Per Segment.

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Select the Maximum pages per PDF sent to a press.
NOTE: The least number of pages per PDF is 2500.

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Click the '+' icon to add a New Mark to the Roll Imposition template.
Click here to view the Add New Mark window to add a new special mark.

After saving the new mark details, the newly added mark appears under Marks.

It also appears on the Frame as specified.

Hover on a mark and click the 'x icon to remove it.


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