Component Attributes

Attributes are created in CONFIGURATION > Attributes and assigned to components. This article explains the process of setting attributes and customizing them using the Formula feature.

Begin by clicking Attributes in the Components box.

The Attributes page appears.

On this tab you can customize your component with specific attributes (defined in the Attributes section), including (but not limited to) page size, substrate, and lamination (as seen in the following screenshot). For this example, select lamination in the drop-down and click Add.

The newly created attribute appears below the attributes drop-down field. For Default Value write true. You may add as many attributes as you need by repeating the process explained above.

You may select Display in Shops and Batchable for every individual attribute.

Display in Shops allows the attribute to be visible from the Site Flow online store (the store is set up in PRINTSTORE.IO).

Activate Batchable if you want the attribute to force the creation of a sub-batch. (For example: if you have multiple finishing options for a photobook cover, a separate sub-batch will be created for each finish type).

To remove an attribute, click x under Actions and select Confirm.


You may further customize your attributes using the Formula option. Click the fx button to the right of Default Value. For an in-depth dive into formulas you may find it useful to research Excel macros on the web.

The formula window opens.

The left column displays two categories of Site Flow's code: Functions and Data. Select a category underneath a header to make the full list of functions/variables in that category appear in a new column to the right (see #1). Make a selection (see #2) to see it appear in the Preview pane on the right side of the window, and click Insert (see #3). The variable now appears at the top of the screen (see #4). You may add as much code as needed.

You may test your formula by clicking Show Test below the categories.

The test area appears. Fill in the necessary details under Inputs (see #1) to see the result in the Output field below it (see #2). The Default Value field will be set to whatever you specified on the main Attributes page (see #3).

When you are satisfied with the formula, click OK to return to the Attributes window.

When finished, move on to the Pre-Press section.

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