Component Details

When you create or edit an existing component, the Component Details page is the first page that opens.

Complete the basic details of your component: the Component Code (it is the component name and also the only required field in the component creation process), and the the number of pages in the component.

You may also choose the Inherit page count from file option. If enabled, the page count will be taken from the files metadata. When disabled the the page count will be takes from the Page Count input field or from the order data when provided. To find out more, read the Inherit page count from file article.

Define the Width and Height of your component.

Activate Simplex if you wish to print one-sided.

Your completed Component Details page will look something like this. In this case, the component is a book cover with dimensions of 210X148 that inherits its page count from the metadata, and printed on only one side of the substrate.

When finished, move on to the Attributes section.

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