Add or Modify an event. It is a physical step in the manufacture of a product and can be either the workflow step (e.g. binding, where all devices perform the same function) or the individual station performing the step (e.g. wiro binder, perfect binder).  In addition, add devices to be used at this particular event.


Event List

Click the PRODUCTS tab (see #1) and open CONFIGURATION > Events (see #2).  

Event View Options

Event view options are available on the top-right of the screen.

Click on the dropdown to show view options. Select Active or Inactive to filter through the available Events.

Click the Refresh icon to reload the page to show any changes to the Event List

Click the Toggle columns icon to choose to display or hide the Code or Name columns of the Event list table.

Select to view 10, 25, or 50 Events per page using the pagination shown below.

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Add Event

Click Add New to create a new Event.

The Add Event page is displayed.

Turn on/off the Active switch to activate/de-activate your Event.

Enter the Event's Code and Name. The Code acts as a unique identification for the Event; its only purpose is to organize the Event list view.

Enter the Event's Description. Also, Enter the Event's Production Phase which determines at which phase the Event is made available: Print, Production, Component Assembly, or General. Please see Table 1.

Table 1

This event involves sending batches to a press or hot folder. 
These are the different pieces of finishing equipment such as the guillotine, lamination, or binding.
Component Assembly

Used to bring together the separate parts of a multi-component product (such as a photobook).

Enter the Average Setup Time (in minutes). 
This refers to the time taken to prepare the device for production.

Select device(s) to add that can be used at this particular event under Add Device. 
For example, it might be called Digital Print and have your 10,000 & 12,000 assigned.
Click Add after selecting the device(s).

Fill out this window to configure the added device. 

Specify Setup Time for this device (for this event). This helps improve the accuracy of scheduled work. When no devices are specified we use the Average Setup Time for scheduling work.

Set a Run Speed and Run Speed Type.

Enter the Sheet Width and Sheet Height.

After saving your changes, the list of devices appears showing all devices added for this event and their details.

Click Edit to modify a device.

Click the bin icon to delete a device.

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Edit Event

Open PRODUCTS > CONFIGURATION > Events, and select the Events you wish to edit from your list. 

The Event details page view appears. 
Follow the same process as 
outlined above when adding a new Event.

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