We introduced a new feature to Site Flow Pro that allows the user to get the page count of a job from the file metadata. As a user, you can now get the correct file page count from your files regardless of how the orders are submitted to Site Flow.


User interface change

This new feature is a toggle, found in the Products tab. Select the desired product from the Products list and click Components > Details.

The toggle appears to the right of the Pages field. The value is disabled for your existing product components by default, so this enhancement does not impact your current production.

The Inherit page count from file is enabled by default when you create a new component. 

When enabled, the page count is taken from the metadata of the file. When disabled, the page count is taken from the order data submitted by the user via the Site Flow API, or from the Pages input field. The value provided in the order data always overrides the static value in the Pages input field.

Note: If you choose to inherit the page count value from your submitted order data, you must disable the Inherit page count from file option.

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View the page count from your file metadata

Click the ORDERS tab and open an order from the list.

The Order Details page appears. Click Actions on the top-right of the page (see #1) and select View files (see #2).

Select a file from the File Gallery. The View Artwork File page is displayed. The Page Count field (if available) is displayed to the right of the artwork image in the DOCUMENT section.

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JDF template update

You can now include the page count from file in a JDF template by using the {{pages}} handlebar under files. Consider the following example:

When you include {{pages}}, the output will display the total number of pages:

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Data export

When the Inherit page count from file is enabled in the product component configuration, the value in the Pages column shows the sum of the component page count based on the file metadata. In this example, the sum is 96 pages.

Example with the Consolidated Billing By Shipment export data:

Feature scope

Computed attribute: The pages value {{component.pages}} can only be used in a computed attribute formula if the order data submitted to Site Flow already includes the pages value. The pages value will also be included if an order is coming from HP Piazza. The reason for this is because the computed attribute calculation is done on order ingest before checking the file metadata.

Infotech: Currently, it is not possible to get the file page count from metadata, because it is not available at the time the Infotech gets rendered. As a result, the Infotech still contains the pages value as configured in the product configuration, or as provided in the order data submitted to Site Flow.

Greensheet manifest: The file page count (per job) is currently not available for the Greensheet manifest.

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