A wall is a theoretical holding place for a component or an order. An active wall creates a break in the workflow, so that the user may manually inspect and continue the process as they choose. There are three types of walls: General, Reconcile, Assembly. A General Wall can occur anywhere in the workflow. A Reconcile Wall takes place during the reconciliation point of the workflow. An Assembly Wall takes place only during the point of order assembly.

In this section, you will learn how to set up and edit a wall in your Site Flow process.


Wall list

Click the SETUP tab (see #1) and open SYSTEM > Walls (see #2).

A full list of your walls appears, listed in alphabetical order.

Walls options

The Walls view options are available in the top-right portion of the screen.

Click on Filter to filter through your walls by type: Assembly, Reconcile, and/or General.

Click on the dropdown to show view options. Select Active or Inactive to filter through the available walls.

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Add wall

Click the SETUP tab and open SYSTEM > Walls. Click Add New to add a new wall to your account.

The Add Wall page is displayed.

Turn on the Active switch to activate your wall.

Enter the Name of the wall.

Select the Wall Type from the drop-down: General, Reconcile, or Assembly.

Enter the number of Horizontal Slots and Vertical Slots. Total Capacity is the product of the previous two fields, and is computed automatically.

Enter the Quality Tolerance (%) number, if applicable. Set this to indicate the threshold for a component before the system marks it as ready for the next step in the workflow. This field is not required.

Click Save after you finish filling out the required fields.

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Edit wall

Open System > Walls, and select the wall you wish to edit from your list. The Wall details view appears. Here you can can see the visual layout of the wall, including its capacity and progress of each individual box.

Click Edit Wall in the top-right corner.

Then follow the same process as outlined above. Edit Wall and Add New pages are identical.

You may also inspect the details of the selected wall using the Filter option. Click on the search icon located to the left of Edit Wall.

Then type the number of the box you wish to inspect to highlight it.

Click on a box to pull up the Box Contents window.

Box Contents allows you to closely inspect the details of the selected box, including its capacity, order ID, and current status. If you wish to empty the selected box, click the red Flush Box button in the bottom-right corner of the window.

The Box Contents window closes, and the previously selected box is now gray and non-selectable.

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