A Device is a front-end system to move files to a press. In this section, you can add or edit an existing device, flatten jobs within a device, and customize the device's job delivery methods. The job delivery methods include Hot Folder, JDF submission, JMF submission, Wallart submission (this method is to be deprecated), and MJF.


Device List

Click the SETUP tab (see #1) and open SYSTEM > Devices (see #2). 
A full list of your devices appears, listed in alphabetical order.

Device Options

Device view options are available on the top-right of the screen.

Click on the dropdown to show view options. 

Select Active or Inactive to filter through the available devices.

Click the Toggle columns icon to choose to display or hide the Name, Description, Job Delivery Type, and/or Actions columns of the device list table.

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Add Device

Click Add New to add a new device to your account.

The Add Device page is displayed.

Turn on/off the Active switch to activate/de-activate your device.
Turn on/off the Can Print switch to enable/disable your device's printing.

Enter or edit the Name and Description of the device.

Select your Device Type from a drop-down of HP devices.

Add or edit the Serial Number of the device.

Enter or edit the Setup Time (in minutes) which is the time taken to prepare the device to process a batch/item.

Select the Run Speed TypeImpressionsItems, or Sheets.

Select the Run Speed which is the number of Run Speed Type the device can process in 1 hour. 

Enter the typical Sheet Height and Width.
Note that each can be overridden at the event level.

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Flatten Jobs

Turn on the Flatten Jobs switch to allow the JDF/Template to contain a record per artwork copy. For example, if printing the same artwork 10 times, it will be referenced in the template 10 times.

Turn off this switch for a single record will be sent per artwork, with the intention that it is used in conjunction with 'docCopies'. The JDF/Template will contain only one line, with a  copy count listed.

NOTE: By default, when the artwork is sent to a press that has multiple copies, each copy will be listed as a separate section within the JDF.

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Job Delivery Methods

Depending on the device and model to be used, the job delivery method can vary. The following are methods to deliver artwork or JDF files to folders or endpoints.

1. Artwork File Copy to Hot Folder

To copy the artwork PDF directly into the folder (see Folders below) that has been configured on the device.

This is typically used for non-Indigo devices, such as sending an artwork copy to a folder for staff to create the offset plates or when a list of jobs needs to be sent to a third-party piece of imposition software (such as Impostrip or Metrix). 

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2. JDF File to Folder

To directly submit the Job Definition Format (JDF) to an Indigo or DFE or to directly send a required templated to a press or hot folder (and could be an XML that is required by Impostrip or other types of press). 

A ticket template and corresponding ISV need to be set up on SmartStream pro (or other such software) for each press. 
NOTE: The ISV name and the ticket template name should match precisely the configuration tab of a component. 

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3. JMF Submission

To submit the Job Message Format (JMF) which is similar to JDF, except that it is a command telling the DFE where to get the JDF content from (or is included as part of the request).

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4. Wallart Submission


HP WallArt is a cloud-based product used to create PDFs and manage orders.

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To submit HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D jobs.

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Select or change the input template which is the template being used when sending the JDF or JMF files to your device. NOTE: A generic JDF template is built-in and will be used unless a custom template is selected.

Click on File Name Template to create or change the file name template of the JDF or JMF files being sent to your device.

Select a Function and/or Data type and details.
View selection under Preview. Click Insert to add selecting to the Device Filename Template.

After your selection, the complete JDF/JMP file name shows in the File Name Template field.

Select or change the InfoTech and/or Greensheet Printers of your device.

Select or change the Agent of your device.

Folders are the network location(s) on the device where the artwork will be placed.

Enter or change Username, Password, and Windows Domain.

Ensure that the username and password set up in device settings actually have network privileges for that folder. 
Otherwise, an “access denied” message is received.

Click Save when done.

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Edit Device

Open SYSTEM > Devices, and select the device you wish to edit from your list. 

The device details page view appears. 
Follow the same process as outlined above when adding a new device.

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