This process outlines the requirements and steps to prepare and upload your files for ingestion.

File Preparation

Files–Two PDF files, 1 Cover and 1 Body file.  

Please use this naming convention, ISBN#_Cover.pdf and ISBN#_Text.pdf.


  • 9781784484521_Cover.pdf
  • 9781784484521_Text.pdf

File Adobe PDF Preflight

Files must be of PDF/X standard compliance. (see below). If in doubt, customers can run the files through Adobe; Tools; Print Production; Preflight PDF/X Compliance checker prior to sending to HP.

Adobe Compliance Standards

  • PDF/X-1a - this is the minimum standard.
  • PDF/X-2
  • PDF/X-3
  • PDF/X-4 - this is the preferred standard.

File Upload Request

Navigate to the following web address

Login using your HP supplied credentials.

Select New Support Ticket

Please fill out the required information noted by the Red Asterisk.


Subject–Please indicate that this is a “File Ingestion Request”

Product–From the drop-down menu select “Book As A Service–Ingestion Request”



  1. Quantity of titles
  2. List of ISBNs
  3. Classification -–New Files Or Updates to Existing File location or request a file location for file transfers (FTP or other method)
  4. Attach file .csv file with title metadata for all ISBN requested for upload.

1. CSV File Example



2. Ingestion Support Ticket Example