The Stock tab displays the list of stock lines that are placed in the specified locations. For example, these may be labels, packaging, finished goods, etc.

The Stock Lines list displays the list of items kept in stock. When each of these sections work together, users can work backwards to predict the usage of a stock line and predict when reorder is necessary for each component to keep stock at the appropriate level. 

Stock Line Details 

Each Stock Line Details page contains the following information for each stock line:

  • Item details - Identifying information about the stock line, including code, cost, costing unit, unit of measure, and barcode
  • Reorder details - Provides details on reordering, including reorder details, supplier, reorder quantity, reorder threshold, reorder lead time, and adjustment threshold

The Adjustment Threshold sets the amount that the user consider would be an extreme change in stock for this item. This is connected to the Email Alerts section. If the item's inventory changes by the Adjustment Threshold amount, an alert is emailed to the user. 

  • Statistics - Displays stock levels per week in a line graph format
  • Inventory - Displays the count of the stock lines
  • History - Shows how much stock has been removed or added, from where, and from which accounts
  • Accounts - Allows accounts sharing possession of a stock line to access the stock line details

        Shared accounts are not able to edit stock line details. They can only view the details.

  • Specs - Allows the user to specify the components needed to make the stock item

Stock Specs

The Stock Specs section allows the user to add the components needed to create a stock item, also known as the bill of materials.  For example, a book's bill of materials may a static cover, a box for the book, and a leaflet.  These components are entered into the Bill of Materials section of the Stock Specs section. 


In the Sales section, sales figures can be placed against a bill of materials to predict the sales of the stock line. 

Stock Check 

This section prompts the user to choose a location to view what stock lines are in a specific warehouse. This section is compatible with mobile devices. It is also adjustable to allow the user to adjust the stock levels in case there is a discrepancy, which can occur if items are lost, damaged, or broken.

Stock Report

This section provides a report of what the adjustment is for each stock line is at each individual account between two dates. The dates are adjustable, and the unit of adjustment can be seen in both stock units and cost.