The Title Reports dashboard details top selling titles over the last defined period.

Title Reports Dashboard Page Options

  • Results Time Period - To the right of the Title Reports page are options to change the time period shown in the report: Week (7 days), Month (30 days), and Year (365 days). 
  • Date Window  -The user can also change the date window displayed using the left and right arrow buttons to the right of the date range.
  • Subset data by providers using the drop-down menu at the top of the page or aggregate all providers using the top selection of the drop-down menu.

Data Shown - Top Performers & Top Titles

  • Total Sales (top panel) - The number of units (books) that have been ordered in the given period 
  • % Sales - Change in volume versus the previous period for this title. A - symbol is displayed if no units were sold in the previous period
  • Top Titles - Sales units breakout by title and sub-period for the period specified