Adding a rule set allows the user to direct the order to different destinations based on specific criteria. Follow the steps below to add a rule set:

1. Click to open the Orders page.

2. Click to open the View Order Routing option in the Order Management section on the left-side navigation pane. The Rule Sets page is displayed.

3. Click the Add Rule Set button at the top, right corner of the page. The Add New Rule Set page is displayed.

4. Type the name of the rule in the Rule Set Name field.

5. Create the first rule in the Rule 1 box.

a. Click to select either If all of the following apply or If any of the following apply from the top field to determine whether all or just one of the criteria must be present in order to apply the rule.

b. Click to select the criteria for the rule to apply to from the next field: Shipment's Country Code, Shipment's State, or SKU Code.

c. Click to select a conjunction to determine whether the rule should include or exclude the criteria from the next field: is any of or is none of.

d. Type the value of the criteria into the Add... field. After typing the criteria, press the Enter button on the keyboard to commit the criteria to the Add... field. Text that does not appear a green rectangle once entered is not accepted.

e. Click the + button to add additional line of criteria to the rule and repeat steps b - d.

Click the - button to delete a line of criteria from the rule.

f. Type the destination account to route the order to if the rule is applied in the Write... field. This name needs to match identically to the PSP Site Flow account name.

g. Click the Stop running the Rule Set once this Rule applied checkbox to stop the rule after it has been applied to an order, if desired.

6. Click the + button at the top of the Rule 1 box to add an additional Rule Set to this rule.

Click the - button to delete a Rule Set from the Rule.

7. Type the destination account to route the order to if the order does not match a rule in the set in the Write... field of the Otherwise section.