Clicking on an order routing set opens the page to view and edit the rule set. 

The following is an example of a rule where phrases in italics are selected via a drop-down menu and phrases in bold are typed into the field by the user:

If any of the following apply: Shipment's country code is any of US, CA, MX, then change the order destination account to printing-us. Otherwise (if not rule has been matched), then change order destination account to printing.

In the above example, when an order comes through with the country code of US, CA, MX, or any combination of the three, the order destination is changed to printing-us. If the order does not have any combination of the aforementioned three country codes, it the order destination is printing

Orders can also be routed by the shipment's state or the SKU code. The rule can also be set to make sure all the entered criteria is matched or if none of the criteria is matched.