A shipment can be edited when it is the Accepted, Errored, and Processing state. Shipments in the Cancelled, At Dispatch, or Shipped state do not have the Edit Shipment option displayed on the ... menu. This can be used when a typo was made in the shipping address or if the destination of the shipment needs to be changed after the order has been accepted. Follow the steps below to make changes to a shipment:

1. Click to open the Orders page. The All Orders page is displayed by default showing all orders in this HP Piazza account.

2. Click to select the order from the All Orders list or from one of the View Orders pages that filters orders by status. The Order Details page opens.

3. Click the ... menu in the desired Shipment box.

4. Click to select the Edit Shipment option. The Edit Shipment dialog is displayed.

5. Edit the shipping method and/or shipping address within the dialog, if desired. The Edit Shipment dialog contains fields to edit the Shipping Method and a Shipping Address section to edit any part of the destination address.

6. Click the Save button to apply the changes.

Click the Cancel button to close the Edit Shipment dialog without making any changes.