Follow the steps below to upload a bulk file:

1. Click to open the Books page.

2. Click to open the Import Titles page within the Bulk Upload section.

3. Click on the upload area to select a file from File Explorer dialog. The title uploads and is displayed in the Import Titles page.


Drag the desired file into the upload area. The title uploads and is displayed in the Import Titles page. 

4. Check the status of the import to determine whether the metadata needs to be edited. The overall status of the titles can be seen at the top, right side of the page, displaying the n umber of complete imports, partial imports, and errors. 

If errors are found, the title with the error displays an error state and is able to be edited. For more information, see the Editing a Bulk Upload topic.

5. Click the Mark As Complete if all desired titles are in the complete status. The newly uploaded titles appear in the Titles list.