The Import Titles option within the Bulk Upload section of the Books page allows a user to upload multiple titles at once. The user imports a .csv file filled out with the title metadata. The .csv format is available for download in the Bulk Upload UI. The Download a Sample .CSV File button is located at the top, right of the Import Titles page. When clicked, it downloads a sample of a .CSV file, which the user can then modify by adding titles to it before uploading it to HP Piazza.

The file is then dropped into the Bulk Upload area. Once the file is uploaded, the Import Titles page changes to display the titles and their details contained in the .csv file.


The Import Titles page displays the three possible statuses of the imported titles: Partial, Completed, or Errors. For more information on these statuses, see the Understanding Bulk Upload Status topic. Bulk titles can be filtered by their status using the options at the top of the Import Titles page.

For titles that have not been fully successfully uploaded, an exclamation point icon appears in the column with the issue. Hover over the exclamation point for a description of the issue. Instead of having to re-upload the entire .csv file to fix errors, the Edit button on the far left of the associated title can be used to open title details in a dialog to be edited.