Follow the steps below to add a specification:

1. Click to open the Books page.

2. Click the Add Specification option from the left-side navigation pane. The New Specification dialog is displayed.


Click the Add Specification button located in the top, right of the Specifications page. The New Specification dialog is displayed.

3. Configure the following fields in the dialog:

Type  - The type of binding for the book. The type of the book is automatically added to the Description field.  

Spec Code - A code used to reference the specification within a title. It is also referenced within the PSPs Site Flow account as a SKU so that this information can be linked to a production setting for products within Site Flow.

Width (mm) - The measurement of the trim from side to side in millimeters 

Height (mm) - The measurement of the trim from top to bottom in millimeters

The trim sizes are automatically added to the Description field

Description - The elements of the specification in the format of WidthxHeight (mm) - Type, which can be edited if desired

4. Click the Save button to create the specification. The Edit Specification page appears to further configure the specification.

Click the Cancel button to dismiss the dialog without creating a specification.