Specifications describe the production settings and how the files for a type of book should be formatted and produced. The number of specifications needed depends on several variables, including product substrate, profile, and trim size. 

Specifications are created and then referenced in the title metadata when a title is created. Creating a specification and applying it to a title allows a user to easily specify the same production details that apply to multiple books instead of specifying them separately every single time. Using specifications, the formatting and production settings can be linked to the books using the Spec Code, a field that is included in every specification. The Spec Code is also referenced within the PSPs Site Flow account as a SKU so that this information can be linked to production settings for products within Site Flow. 

To view the specifications, click the Books page. Then, click to open the View Specifications option in the Specifications section of the left-side navigation pane. The list of Specifications appears displaying the following columns:

  • Status 
  • Descriptions
  • Spec Code  
  • Components
  • Type 
  • Dimensions 

For a more detailed view, click the desired specification. The Edit Specification page appears with further details on the cover and text specifications. 

Specification Status

  • In Use - Unable to be edited
  • Pending - Able to be edited.