Follow the steps below to edit a catalogue:

1. Click to open the Books page.

2. Click the View Catalogues option in the Catalogues section of the left-side navigation pane.

3. Navigate to the desired catalogue in the list.

4. Click to select the catalogue to view its details. The Edit Catalogue page appears and displays the following information:

Catalogue Name - The word or words the catalogue is referred to 

Description - A general summary of the catalogue 

Tags - Keywords or phrases associated with the catalogue

Users - The email addresses that have access to the catalogue

Catalogues are only able to be viewed by accounts added to the list of users.

The left-side pane displays the covers of titles added to the catalogue. For more information on adding titles to a catalogue, see the Adding Titles to a Catalogue topic.

5. Click the Save button. The catalogue is closed, and a message appears confirming the update.