When working with titles, the status of the title is crucial to understand where the title is in the publishing process, and what the next steps are that need to be taken. A title can be in one of the following states:

Live - Title has been published and is ready to be ordered. 

Checking Files - Files are linked to a title and are in the process of going through preflight and spec check. Wait for the status to change to either Print Ready, Data Ready, or Errors to determine next steps.

Print Ready - Necessary title metadata has been added and files have been successfully preflighted and spec checked. The title is ready to be published.

Data Ready - Required metadata and specification information has been added for the title but no files have been linked to the title yet. Proceed to the Components section of the Title Properties page to link the cover and text to the title.

Errors - There are either specification or preflight errors in the title. These need to be resolved prior to being published.

The status of the title as a whole can be viewed in the Status column of the Books section, in the Title Properties page just below the cover image on the left side. The status of each component can be viewed in the Components section of the Title

Properties page.