A user can add tags to a file using the Tag field in the File Details page, as long as the file is in the Checked state. Tags can also be deleted by the user. Follow the steps below to manage file tags:

Adding a Tag 

1. Click to open the Files tab. The All Files list is displayed. 

2. Navigate to the desired file. 

3. Click the file to display the File Details page. 

4. Type the desired tag word or phrase into the Tags field.

5. Press the Enter button on the keyboard to add the tag to the field. The tag appears highlighted in a blue rectangle when it is successfully added.

6. Click the Update button to confirm the addition of the tags.

Deleting One Tag

  • Click the X button next to the desired tag to remove it from the list. Click the Update button to apply the changes. 

Deleting All Tags

  • Click the X button on the right side of the Tags field. Click the Update button to apply the changes.