New file versions can be uploaded instead of uploading a new file all together. This keeps all variations of the file in one place and creates an accessible history of revisions made to the file. Only files in the Checked state display the Actions menu

that includes the Upload New Version option, the Restore to Version option, and the Download option. Follow the steps below to upload a new version of a file:

Uploading a New File Version

1. Click to open the Files tab. The All Files list is displayed. 

2. Navigate to the desired file. 

3. Click the file to display the File Details page. 

4. Click to open the Actions menu.

5. Click to select the Upload New Version menu. The File Explorer dialog appears.

6. Navigate to the desired file.

7. Click the Open button. The new file version is uploaded. The version number changes in the File Details section, and the version updates in the History section. 

Click the Cancel button at any time to close the dialog without uploading a new version.

Restoring to a Previous Version

  • Click the Restore button next to the desired version. The version updates to display the selected version and version number. All other versions remain available in the Versions section.

Downloading a File Version

  • Click the Download button next to the desired version. The file downloads to the user's machine.