In the Triggers section, the list of triggers can be viewed and new triggers can

be added. HP Piazza triggers are the same as Site Flow triggers, which allow users

to create and enable a specific event that occurs within Piazza that they wish to

be notified about.

When selecting the Triggers option, the triggers list is displayed. The list displays

the following columns:




Date Updated

Triggers List Page Navigation

Filter button - Filter the list by the Event or Type column. The list of events and

types appear in a drop down menu. Select the checkbox next to the desired filter

criteria, or uncheck the box to remove the filter from the list.

Active/Inactive - Use drop-down menu to toggle between viewing active and inactive


Refresh button  - Reloads the page to show any changes to the list

Add Trigger button - Opens the Create Trigger page to create a new trigger

The user can scroll from top to bottom to navigate the list and use the page numbers,

Previous and Next arrow buttons, First Page and Last Page arrow buttons, and customize

the number seen on a page.